Mel's Sauce

If you’ve been hanging around the studio for any length of time, you already know:   The secret’s in the sauce. And the sauce is 100% organic, fully refined emu oil (and no, that’s not a typo. Unlike our carbs, we want our emu oil to be super-duper processed).   According to legend, this magical […]


The Truth About What’s Causing Your Mask-ne & How To Beat It, MELT Style. As beauty providers, we’re taught to view the face as a whole, rather than as a sum of its parts. Each feature works synergistically with the others and while it pains us to see our gorgeous clients partially hidden behind masks, […]

WHEN MASKS ATTACK: The Truth About What’s Causing Your Mask-ne

Listen up, skincare nerds. We believe beauty & brains go together like PB & J, and it’s our mission to equip your gorgeous faces with the knowledge required to make smart, informed decisions about your skin.  Today’s nugget? Micro-freaking-needling.  Grab your favorite Gypsy Cup beverage and settle in because we’re diving head first into the […]

Moving the Needle: everything you need to know about microneedling

Oh, Babe.  Have we got a treat for you…  It’s well-known around here that Melissa Pruett – the beauty, brains, and entrepreneurial spirit behind MELT – is the Mother Theresa of skincare, self-love, and all things beauty.  Seriously, this woman is a walking, talking encyclopedia of juicy info and lucky for you, she’s spilling the […]