Sugaring 101 – and why we'll never go back to body wax

Sugaring 101 – and why we'll never go back to body wax

Sugaring, as a form of body hair removal, often makes people envision some kind of abrasive, exfoliating scrub where we rub all the hair off; which quite frankly, sounds torturous!

That’s why I’m always stoked when I get the opportunity to share what this life-changing service really is. Not only do I love geeking out on describing the ingredients and artful process, but I also appreciate introducing people to all the reasons why it’s hands-down the superior form of body hair removal – aka why I had to offer this service at melt.

Rumor has it that this is how ancient Egyptians removed their unwanted hair way back in the day — brilliant! And automatically makes me feel like I’m embodying a Goddess dripping in golden honey.

Sugar is made up of just 3 simple ingredients:
sugar, lemon and water.
Ours is female founded, handmade locally and 100% organic.

These ingredients are melted into a gooey paste — imagine a sticky, golden, taffy-like ball. We artfully spread the ball across the treatment area by hand. The paste grabs onto the hair follicles and then we pull to gently remove them.

1. What’s cool is that unlike wax, sugar doesn’t adhere to living tissue – aka there’s no risk of lifting skin. Lifting happens when the top layer of skin comes off with the wax (ouch) – it looks and feels like a burn and a reason why some babes are too sensitive for waxing. Inversely, sugaring actually does pick up all of your dead, crusty cells in the process resulting in hair-free, super-baby-smooth skin. 

2. Sugar is only warmed to body temperature, unlike wax which is significantly hotter. Besides running a risk for burning our intimate bits, the increased heat from wax creates more irritation + inflammation for the skin and follicles during removal. It’s a little more uncomfortable when hot wax is applied to our sensitive parts and after waxing, the follicular inflammation can be visible as little red, aggravated follicles that eventually calm down. None of that happens with sugaring.

3. Hair doesn’t have to be as long to sugar as does for wax — about half as long – so our clients love not having to get quite as hairy between sessions. Plus, we are often able to get a much cleaner final result because we are able to go over the same area multiple times to grab onto even the tiniest of follicles, leaving no hairs behind.

Please do ensure hair is roughly the length of a grain of rice (1/8 inch) - for most clients, 2 weeks of growth is just enough. Most areas can be sugared every 4-5 weeks.



Sugar is actually applied in the OPPOSITE direction of wax.

Ok, hear me out for why that matters...

Picture smearing wax on with the direction of hair growth and then pulling backwards — aka against the follicles.

Now ponder, would you ever grab a brow hair with your tweezers and rip it back the opposite way?
Probably not… unless you wanted to cause unnecessary pain and potentially break the hair at skin level. Instead, you would grab the follicle and gently slide it out from the base  in the natural direction, amirite?

This is exactly what sugaring does — we spread the sugar paste against the follicles to latch onto them and then pull with the hair growth to remove the entire hair shaft from the root. This means way cleaner removal with less breakage which equals longer lasting results and decreased hair growth over time. 

This concept is a huge reason why we find that clients constantly struggling with ingrown hairs love sugaring – because a big problem with shaving (which goes against follicles) and waxing is bending the hairs backwards. When forced against the grain, the follicles redirect and can curl into themselves as they’re regrowing which creates an ingrown hair trapped under the buildup of dead skin.

What most people don’t know is that I came from the speed-waxing world. When I started melt in 2014, I specialized in brows and grew to offer full body waxing services that I dare say were the best. But once I learned about sugaring, I immediately took body waxing off the menu and traded in for the upgrade.

Because once we know better, we can do better.
Trust me, Babes.
Once you’ve experienced some melt sugar, you too will never go back to wax. 



A few of my must-have goodies especially if you’re sugaring your lady bits -- femme care for down there.

  1. Lady Garden Set = probiotic pH balancing wash + rejuvenating oil (mega savings by buying the kit) 
  2. Glow Refiner Mist = especially if you struggle with pesky ingrowns or any irritation on your lady bits. also great for underarms and butt cheeks. 
  3. Lin Body Scrub = great exfoliation to gently work any ingrown hairs out and keep buildup of dead, crusty skin cells at bay.

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A message from the babe of the month, Maeg!

A message from the babe of the month, Maeg!