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Perfect for ALL skin types! 

Because this serum contains exfoliating properties, we recommend gradually acclimating by starting out using it twice a week only, especially for sensitive or super dehydrated skin. 

On off nights, our Moisturizing Day Serum or any Emu Oil Serum may be substituted. 


Did you know that exfoliation is the key to achieving glowy, youthful skin?! 

This night serum is a total GAME CHANGER & will make ALL of your other products more effective! 

Due to its exfoliating properties, you’ll gently slough off dead, crusty skin cells to reveal juicy, healthy skin. 

By boosting cell turnover, you’ll slow down signs of aging plus increase the ability for your products to penetrate deeper into your skin - this means you’ll need less & they’ll do more!


  • rich in poly-peptides, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid
  • contains a cocktail of fruit acids, salcylic acid, lactic acid & retinyl palmitate, which all come together for a party to gently exfoliate, boost the collagen layer, improve color & even out skin texture!
  • a must for your anti-pollution / anti-aging regimen 


After cleansing, spritz a few sprays of Mineral Mist & top with a pea-sized pump of Night Serum. It’s normal to feel a little stingle until it absorbs :)

The best way to introduce this serum into your routine is by starting with just a couple of nights a week, so every 3rd or 4th day. After a couple of weeks, you can bump it up to every other night & eventually build up to nightly use. 


*We do not recommend this product to be used if pregnant.