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Perfect for ALL skin types. Especially great for lightening dark spots to even out skin tone. 


Have you ever cut up a fruit salad or made guacamole? Remember how at the very end, you squeeze lemon or lime juice on top to prevent your masterpiece from quickly turning brown & looking a liiiiitttle less than appetizing? 

Well, that browning is what we like to call oxidation & without geeking out too hard by describing these complex chemical & cellular processes, I want to share that Vitamin C in our skin works the exact same way! 

That’s why Vitamin C is often referred to as an anti-oxidant; it’s actually protecting us from cellular damage from the sun & preventing brown spots from forming! 

Vitamin C doesn’t stop there though! It’s simultaneously working hard to lighten & brighten old brown spots to even out skin tone plus tighten your skin!


  • A powerful way to enjoy the amazing benefits of Vitamin C.
  • While the benefits of Vitamin C are boundless, it is best known for its ability to create a brighter complexion & even out skin tone while plumping up + reducing the appearance of wrinkles to fight the signs of aging. 
  • Remains in the skin for 3 days, protecting against pollution & UV photo damage. 


Simply shake a pea-size amount into the palm of your hand with your cleanser, making a polishing paste. Then, with your fingertips, use a gentle circular polishing pattern over entire face, avoiding the eyes. No need to aggressively rub or scrub here; think of this as polishing as opposed to a face scrub. 

Rinse thoroughly to reveal an immediate glow! 

Because this Vitamin C remains in the skin for 3 days, we recommend using only twice per week.