Mel's Sauce


Mel's SauceIf you’ve been hanging around the studio for any length of time, you already know:


The secret’s in the sauce. And the sauce is 100% organic, fully refined emu oil (and no, that’s not a typo. Unlike our carbs, we want our emu oil to be super-duper processed).


According to legend, this magical substance was first used as a natural sunscreen and moisturizer by Aborignial Australians nearly 40,000 years ago. The bright yellow liquid, rich in essentially fatty acids, is collected from deposits below the skin of — yup, you guessed it — the emu. 


The circle of life can be harsh for Australia’s favorite flightless bird, but their sacrifice is our beauty and we certainly don’t take it lightly. In 1989, The American Emu Association was formed, not only to control the quality of emu-derived products, but to advocate for their humane treatment. Happy, well-fed emus produce higher quality oil, which is passed through various filters until we’re left with the completely pure, fully refined goodness found in Joëlle Martine’s epic skincare line. 


Few elixirs boast such a wide range of benefits. Aside from being one of the most effective products for hydration, anti-aging, and healing, emu oil has unparalleled absorbability. 


Unlike many moisturizers, creams, and lotions, which are composed of large particles that don’t penetrate the skin well, emu oil is made up of tiny molecules. It reaches deep down into the skin, disseminating its many benefits to the upper AND lower levels of the epidermis. The best part? When mixed with other products, emu oil passes its absorbable traits onto these compounds, meaning it essentially increases their efficacy. It’s like the world’s best, most powerful piggyback ride. 


So, how do you incorporate this miracle juice into your own routine? If your skin tends towards dryness, we recommend applying emu oil both morning and evening, after cleansing, toning, and applying thinner, water-based products like mists and serums. Contrary to popular belief, babes with oily and acne prone skin can also incorporate an emu oil into their regimen — as long as it’s balanced with the right supporting products. Sometimes, skin becomes excessively oily because we’re stripping it of its natural oils and protective acid mantle, in which case, it’s super important to determine if you’re over-exfoliating or unknowingly using multiple products that contain a chemical exfoliant. Either way, oily skin types should start with nighttime application only and assess how the skin responds before bumping up to twice daily use. In the end, it’s all about finding your skin’s perfect and unique recipe, and creating balance amongst all the products in your routine. 

Emu OilsHere’s a little list of our emu oil offerings, all courtesy of Joëlle Martine: 

Organic Emu Nectar: Emu Oil + Lavender Essential Oil

Rose Gold Oil: Emu Oil + Lavender Essential Oil + Rose Essential Oil + Rose Gold Mica

Rose has amazing skin and aromatherapy benefits. 

Pro Tip: Add a pump to your body lotion for a touch of shimmer.

Liquid Gold Oil: Emu Oil + Frankincense + Gold Mica 

Amazing for wrinkles, acne, sun spots, stretch marks, and scars.

Girl’s BFF: Emu Oil + Clary Sage

This one is a gamechanger for relieving PMS, cramps, bloating, and stress.

As per usual, our online shop is fully stocked with all the goods. If you’re still shaky on which flavor of oil is best suited for your skin type, book a consultation and we’ll happily play matchmaker. 


Until next time,

Mel & Em XO