FIRST SESSION. Includes complimentary touch-up which must be completed within 6 to 10 weeks of first session. the complimentary touch-up will be an additional 1 hour, 30 mins. note: additional touchup (optional 3rd session within 3 months is an additional $150).

 • Melissa • 2 hours, 30 min • $850  
 • the Babes • 2 hours, 30 min • $725 


All clients previously tattooed or microbladed elsewhere must inquire and submit a clear photo of brows via email before booking.

All prices are subject to change. 


Refreshes are single sessions to boost color and define shape as ongoing maintenance.

Refreshes are available only to returning clients who have been originally microbladed at MELT.

Refreshes must be done with the original artist.

 • 3-6 months • $225
 • 7-12 months • $450
 • 13-18 months • $525

· Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

· Upon arrival, we’ll prep your brow area and apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the treatment zone while filling out your paperwork.

· Client Consultation – we’ll discuss your goals, talk all about your brow vision, and offer our professional expertise to achieve the best results for you.Communication is key; we listen in order to fully understand our client’s dreams while sharing our strategy, every step of the way, for making those dreams come true.

· Color Customization – we select the optimal color for your desired healed outcome together, customizing the depth, shade and tone as needed.

· Custom Brow Design – every face is unique and deserving of a fully customized brow design. No stencils here! Using our artistry, we create the most beautiful brow shape and natural hair flow for your features by hand. By drawing our design directly on the face, you’ll see exactly where your future brows will live before we ever microblade them.

· Upon completion, we’ll review Post Care Instructions, take our after photos, and schedule your touchup session.

What’s Included in Your Full Microblading Service?

initial microblading session

Here’s what to expect during your microblading touch-up.

· Duration: 1.5 hours

· The second session is our opportunity to perfect the brows and build hyper-realistic layers in the skin to mimic 3 dimensional hairs. Now, we are able to better understand your skin after analyzing how you healed from session one. Based on what we see, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to our techniques to create even more beauty in your brows. This session is all about the FUN fluffy stuff; adding density and dimension to your brows and enhancing any areas that need some love.

· The healing process and post care instructions are the same as your initial microblading treatment.

· Complimentary touchups must be completed in the 6-10 week window.

· If you miss or move your scheduled complimentary touch-up, you will be charged $150 to be touched-up outside of the 6-10 week time frame.

Complimentary Touch-up
Session TwO

1. Read our Pre & Post Care Instructions. It is critical to ensure ahead of time that you are a good candidate, that you can adhere to the requirements, and that you plan ahead for the post care process.

2. Click our "Book Now" button to be redirected to our online scheduling system, which will allow you to choose your ideal artist, date & time.

Please note that we do require a card to secure your spot; it is not charged at the time of booking and you may pay with card or cash the day of service.

Any cancellations or changes must be made with 48 hours notice of scheduled service to avoid being charged a fee.

Here’s How to Book Your Microblading Session

steps to book your session




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