our epic combo services permanently added
to the menu 
as of autumn 2022 to save you
time and doll-hairs. 
we love offering efficient,
effortless and enjoyable self care.

brow flip + lash lift and tint
A perfect combination of our two most popular
treatments performed simultaneously.
($15+ Savings). Lashes always include a tint.
Brow tinting is an optional add on.

brow magic + lash lift and tint     $138-148
This beautiful combination was developed
by YOU! Save 30 minutes (and $15+) by
combining our signature services together
for the ultimate self-care. Brow tinting is always
available for an add-on here.

brow flip + dewy dermaplane     $180
Feel refreshed and reborn with glowing skin
+ the fluffiest brows we are most known for!
Brow tinting is always available for an add-on.

brow magic + dewy dermaplane     $110-125
A summer special turned top treatment duo!
Enjoy the very best in less time and leave feeling
like the greatest version of you. Brow tinting is
always available for an add-on during service.

dewy dermaplane + lash lift and tint     $200
Celebrate our first ever Melt Babe, Brie, by
booking her custom service. Experience her
perfect touch during a flawless dewy dermaplane
and feel so naturally YOU as your lashes
are lifted to the heavens!
(And enjoy the savings too!)

*Note that price variations are reflected for different artists.