hey babe,

I’ve learned a lot in my 10 years as a beauty professional, business owner, and forever creator.
Not to mention this whole being human, woman on a mission to elevate the world thing :)

It's exhilarating!
And it can be exhausting.
It's awe-inspiring!
And it can feel lonely.

We were never meant to do it alone, though.

That's why connecting with like-hearted
movers-n-shakers, and going at it toghether,
is one of my most rewarding, soul-filling
ways I get to show up and serve now.  

Thanks in advance for thinking of me;
bringing someone into your orbit as a mentor or coach is a big move (go you!)

I'm honored to become a potentially integral part of your beautiful journey and find out how I can support you in your greatest dreams.


currently on the menu

business brainstorm strategy sesh

Ready to take your life + business to the next level?

Whether you're just percolating on a potential business idea or have been in the entrepreneurial trenches for years, I'm stoked and honored to finally offer these invaluable one-on-one strategy sessions.

As an industry expert with a proven track record of building successful ventures from scratch and working closely with small business owners, I'm wildly passionate about leading other creatives towards turning their dreams into reality.

These sessions are fully personalized and unique to you; I can guide you through elevating your branding, streamlining systems and operations, boosting revenue, hiring a team while building culture, and more.

You'll let me know exactly what you wanna work on beforehand so we can maximize our time.

I'm a safe sound-board, a solutions-oriented thinker, and one heckuva magnetic manifester, if I do say so myself.

Sometimes entrepreneurship can feel lonely, emotional, and overwhelming and we just need a listening ear who can shift our perspective to bring back our JOY and WHY behind what we do.

Sometimes we have "problems" that we aren't sure how to solve and we just need someone to reveal our blind-spots and give us fresh opportunities to take radical action in a meaningful direction.

Sometimes we have so many IDEAS aaand NO IDEA how to bring them into the world and we need someone to help us bridge that gap.

Hey! Hello! It's ME -- your bridge! :)

I love helping humans get from where they're at to where they wanna be.

I'm obsessed with helping people bring their BIG visions to fruition.

The world NEEDS our magic.

I can't wait to learn all about YOURS and co-create with you!

private coaching

While I limit the number of one-on-one babes I work with at any given time, I’m always so honored to accept applications from anyone looking for a mentor.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out this intake form and to consider me as someone you’d love to work with so closely.

"a rising tide lifts all boats." - john f. kennedy

skin care deep dive

Let's take an individual, integrative step towards healthy, happy skin!

In this virtual consult, we'll dive deep to determine your genetic skin type + current skin conditions, dissect your routine + your goals, and optimize your home care ritual together.

I'll share all of the juicy "skin-fo" you could ever wanna know while empowering you with a clear understanding for how + why you do the self care you do.

Afterwards, you'll receive a full email recap which summarizes our discoveries + game plan!

word on the street

"In the four years of mentorship that I’ve had monthly with Melissa, not only has my business gone to the next level but so have my skills as a business owner and service provider.

She challenges, guides and supports me all with grace and wisdom and I am forever grateful she is part of my entrepreneurial journey!"

- Lillian I., Bellissima Beauty

“Working with Melissa has been a very transformative experience for me not only in my business, with accomplishing new things I have sought out to do, but also personally with how supportive she truly is. 


She isn't just your normal "business coach.” She cares on a deeper level and wants to ensure you’re operating at your best and highest self for all things in business AND in life. 


She is truly one of the most amazing humans I have ever had in my corner and I cannot wait to continue to work with her to see the amazing things she can help guide me to achieve."


- Ashley A. , Amazin Aesthetics


"dreamy testimonial about working with melissa"

media and collabs

For media, collabs and wholesale inquiries, please email us at heybabe@meltbymelissa.com.

Thank you!