Brow Magic w/ Melissa- $35
Brows w/ Babes - $30

We do a full brow service EVERY time! This begins by mapping the brows while educating our clients on how to achieve their ultimate brow goals. We’ll wax, trim & tweeze to shape the brows & finish with brow makeup application using our very own MELT brow powders & gel. Here, we teach our clients how to recreate this natural, polished look at home for flawless brows EVERY day!

The Man Brow - $20

Men need brow love too! We’ll clean them up with a wax, trim & tweeze, keeping them manly without looking suspiciously over-arched. No brow makeup here.

A la carte Brow Makeup Application - $15

Want your brows filled in by a pro for a special occasion, job interview, hot date, or just because its a Tuesday & you wanna slay?! Pop in for a quick brow makeup application that you can flaunt ALL day long! We’ll even demonstrate how to recreate this natural, polished look at home for flawless brows every day!

Eyebrow Tinting - $10

This service can be added onto our Brow Magic service or done a la carte.

We use a semi-permanent eyebrow dye to tint the brow hairs, resulting in the appearance of fuller, shapelier brows & creating an easy “stencil” to follow when filling your brows in at home! Results vary, typically lasting 10-14 days.

Lash Tinting - $20

Similar to brow tinting but here we’ll use either a dark brown, black or blue-black dye to enhance natural lashes, eliminating the need for daily mascara.

Lip or Chin- $10
Nostrils- $10
Sideburns or Cheeks- $10
Neck- $10
Ears- $10
Full Face- $40
Underarms - $20
Back or Chest - $45
Chest or Stomach Strip - $10
Half Arm- $25
Full Arm- $35
Bikini Line- $35
Brazilian Bikini- $50
Manzilian - $90
Half Leg- $45
Full Leg- $75
*Body hair must be 1/4" in length