SLEEPING BEAUTY (and the brain)

SLEEPING BEAUTY (and the brain)

9 of my favorite beauty hacks while I sleep

yo girl looooves her sleep. as a high-productivity entrepreneur world taker-over-er trying to build the melt empire into an epic movement ... I've often wished I could be the type of person who operates effectively on very little sleep. but the truth is, I'm not. 

sleep, self care, and energy seem to be the true currency of wealth these days when we are all bombarded, overwhelmed, juggling life, business, relationships of all sorts, overflowing inboxes, social calendars, and nonstop notifications. 

oh, and then trying to carve out time for ourselves AND get 8 hours of sleep every night. 


but I digress ... 

my favorite reminder / mantra this year that I am constantly coming back to (and have posted up on all of my mirrors at home) is "instead of managing your time, start mastering your ENERGY.” 

and it's made such a profound shift in how I navigate every day and everything I want to make sure gets touched upon on a regular basis. instead of thinking "gosh, I wish there were more hours in a day. I need more tiiiime!" ... I'm working on a new perspective of "how can I make the best use of the time I have and make rituals around accomplishing multiple valuable things at once?"

helloooo multitasking beauty hacks! 


basically, doing thangs that are good for me while I sleep! sleep alone is where we rest, digest, rebuild, repair, and rejuvenate. but here we go, takin it to a whole new level!

here are 9 of the SUPER EASY ways I get even more out of my precious zzz's. 

1. Vaseline Sock Soak
Crusty, crackling feet be gone. I started coating my feet in Vaseline and immediately putting socks on before bedtime. It all soaks in overnight and my feet are soooo smooth and hydrated when I wake up!

Seriously… all you need is good ol Vaseline and a pair of comfy socks.

2. Silk Hair Turban
This has been a MEGA game changer for my hair, especially because I wear extensions. Somehow, my hair looks like a wildebeest when I wake up — it’s all frazzled and kinky like I went to battle in my dreams. When I learned about these silk hair turbans, I immediately noticed my hair was not only gorgeous the next day, but that it’s helped my hair stay healthier, silkier and more hydrated over time!

I simply twist my hair into a low bun at the base of my neck and put the cap on. My hair will look perfectly blown out in the morning and if I had curls, they are still in tact!

With enthusiasm to share this one, I had a lovely human handcraft us some to carry at melt.  It means the world to me to know we are impacting others lives with the buying choices we make. These are 100% mulberry silk and goes to support a woman owned business.

3. Heatless Wave Curling Ribbon
Another hair hack is this heatless wave contraption one of our clients recommended to me. I’m absolutely obsessed with the beachy waves it effortlessly creates and I love finding ways to avoid heat on my hair more often.

This has been super helpful on A) nights when an evening hair washing is absolutely necessary but I really wanna go to sleep / don’t have the energy to blow dry and B) when I know I have an early, jam-packed morning and wanna “get up and go” with ease!

The ribbon comes with instructions for use but my biggest tip is not wrapping soaking wet hair up. For me, it’s never fully dry by morning and it comes out a bit too wavy. Instead, I prefer to let my hair air dry about 75% and then give it a good wrap. I don’t wear the silk turban mentioned above when I do the ribbon.

This one on Etsy is my favorite. She doesn’t currently offer wholesale so I’m simply sharing because it’s the one I truly love most. Enjoy!

4. Night Serum

We all deserve an incredible night cream to work overtime for us and this one really takes the cake. Due to its gently exfoliating properties, you’ll slough off dead, crusty skin cells to reveal juicy, healthy skin while you snooze. By boosting cell turnover, you’ll slow down signs of aging plus increase the ability for your products to penetrate deeper into your skin - this means you’ll need less & they’ll do more!

Key Ingredients + Benefits:

- rich in poly-peptides, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid
- contains a cocktail of fruit acids, salcylic acid, lactic acid & retinyl palmitate, which all come together for a party to gently exfoliate, boost the collagen layer, improve color & even out skin texture!
- a must for your anti-pollution / anti-aging regimen

How to Use:

- after cleansing, spritz a few sprays of Mineral Mist & top with a pea-sized pump of Night Serum. It’s normal to feel a little stingle until it absorbs :)
- the best way to introduce this serum into your routine is by starting with just a couple of nights a week, so every 3rd or 4th day. after a couple of weeks, you can bump it up to every other night & eventually build up to nightly use. Keep an eye out for any drying out or sensitivity — if this occurs, you may need to back it down to less frequent use to find your “sweet spot” happy place :) 

*we do not recommend this product to be used while pregnant. 


5. Brow and Lash Serum

miracle grow your brows and lashes while you sleep. This is the best time to apply growth serums because they’ll saturate follicles for a full 8 hours without being disrupted by daily activities or other products like makeup.

my absolute hands-down favorites still come from Grande Cosmetics.

please note: it’s important to use the brow on brows and lash on lashes. They are not ideal to be interchanged or shared between surfaces and the formulations are slightly different to be tailored to the appropriate area for best results.

not sold by us online (due to Shopify regulations) but available in both studios.

6. Triple Dip: Eyes + Lips + Cuticles

lather up in our favorite lip conditioner by H is for Love to keep your pout from drying out while you sleep. my favorite hacks with this buttery, nourishing balm are:

- I actually put some around my crows feet area to prevent wrinkles. it’s the perfect healthy version of the trend known as “slugging” that some do with petroleum jelly.
- I always rub some extra into my cuticles and dry nail beds

7. Pearly Whites: teeth whitening kit

once I brush my teeth, I apply the botanical teeth whitening gel from our Keeko kit. what I love is that it’s everything you need for natural, highly effective teeth whitening at home without any of the toxic nasties!

it’s a little pen with a paintbrush style top — so, I just twist to dispense the gel and slather onto my smile :) I find that it’s easier for me to let it dry and go to bed than trying to carve out time in the day where I’m not constantly sipping on something and talking.

8. Total Body RnR

I’m obsessed with CBD oils and the way they melt my body + calm my central nervous system, helping me wind down, release the day, and slip into a deep slumber.

I’ve found that ingesting a dropperful of CBD oil designed for nighttime use and massaging some body oil onto any areas that feel tense work wonders for my mind, bod and soul.

Juna is by far my favorite brand. their CBD is grown organically, ethically produced and made in the USA. it’s a female founded company with a commitment to clean ingredients.

TOPICAL: juna ease body oil

an agent for renewal: a transformative blend of botanicals immediately regenerates the skin and melts down muscular and mental tension. take a deep breath, inhaling the aromatics, and lovingly massage into any areas that need some TLC. 

ORAL: am/pm travel set

squeeze one dropperful of NIGHTCAP under tongue to slip into ultra chill mode.
intended for daily use. 


9. Buh-Bye Blemishes: pm pimple patches

when a little face planet comes to visit, that’s OK. we can handle it with our cutie pm pimple patches on hand. this pack includes 108 individual patches to refresh irritated, congested skin and heal any lil blemishes while you get your beauty sleep.

always apply onto freshly cleansed skin. place patch onto affected area to draw out impurities and reduce inflammation while speeding up the healing process overnight.

Sending you all super delicious, rejuvenating sleeps and feel free to share YOUR favorite beauty hacks with me to try!



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