get your flirty flutter on 

get your flirty flutter on

lash tint

like a swipe of mascara, our safe, vegetable-based tints bring out the best in our natural lashes. this is an amazing, low-maintenance treatment to enhance the visibility of our lashes for added density and length. we'll mix up a custom color (black, blue-black, dark brown) to create your dream look.

$25 as an add on | $30 a la carte

lash lift & tint

luscious, lifted, & low-maintenance lashes that will last up to 8 weeks.

we safely perm your natural lashes into an eye-opening curl & then tint them with a vegetable-based lash dye for added length & thickness.

this is an excellent alternative to lash extensions for clients with very sensitive eyes, that prefer less maintenance, or who do not need added length and volume.

must keep lashes free from water for 24 hours after.



full set of extensions

our cashmere lashes are artfully applied on a hair-by-hair basis resulting in the most natural looking enhancement for thicker, fuller and longer lashes. we use the highest quality adhesives formulated without toxins and designed for sensitive eyes. we customize every set for the safest, most sustainable results. we offer classic lashes at both locations as well as hybrid and volume at our scottsdale mothership.



+ classic lashes

make them wonder, “did she wake up like this?” one extension is intricately applied to each individual eyelash. this signature style can range from very natural to more dramatic depending on the amount of natural lashes & desired look.



+ hybrid lashes

the best of both worlds collide as we combine classic and volume techniques. the custom mix of one-to-one extensions plus mini fans throughout the eye creates volume and length while resulting in a wispy, textured look. this is a great option for babes who may have more sparse natural lashes and desire a more fluffy, complete look than they can achieve with classic alone.



+ volume lashes

va va voom! this technique is for babes who want maximum fluff and density as "mini fans" are made of multiple lightweight extensions and then applied to a single natural lash. these little bouquets layered across the lash line help us to safely and sustainably achieve your fullest, thickest look.



lash fill

60 minutes of lashing. recommended every 2 - 2.5 weeks to replace lashes that have naturally shed and fallen off.



mega fill

90 min of lashing for babes that need a little extra love after 3 to 3.5 weeks.



mini fill

30 min of lashing for babes needing a quick touchup within about 1 week of previous fill.



lash removal

painless, professional extension removal to preserve and protect your natural lashes.



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