eyelash extensions

full set lash extensions

full set of extensions    $200-250
our cashmere lashes are intricately & artfully
applied resulting in the most natural looking
enhancement for thicker, fuller & longer lashes.

classic fill    $75
make them wonder, “did she wake up like this?”
one extension is applied to each eyelash
when it comes to classic lashes. this style
can range from very natural to more dramatic
depending on the amount of natural lashes.

mega fill    $125
for lashes that need a little extra love
after 3 to 3.5 weeks.
mini fill    $45
just 30 minutes for lashes needing a
quick touchup within 1 week.

lash lift and tint

lash lift and tint

lash lift + tint   $115
luscious, lifted, & low-maintenance lashes that
will last up to 8 weeks. we safely perm your natural
lashes into an eye-opening curl & then tint
them black for thickness. this is an excellent
alternative to lash extensions for clients with very
sensitive eyes, that prefer less maintenance,
or who do not need added length and volume.
must keep lashes free from water for 24 hours after.

lash tint

lash tint   $30
a safe, semi-permanent lash dye enhances
natural lashes &
eliminates the need for
daily mascara. results typically last 2-4