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brow days 

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brow days 

brow magic

the signature service MELT was built on in 2014. it's a full experience EVERY time! we'll wax, trim & tweeze to shape your brows to perfection, give you a mini tension melting brow massage, & finish with our very own brow powders & gels. here, we'll teach you how to recreate this natural, polished look at home!

please discontinue using any retinol or retinoid creams at least 7 days prior to your appointment!


brow flip

achieve your featheriest eyebrows ever with our most popular service (also known as lamination.)

we’ll realign the natural brow hairs into our desired shape and then perm them into place. this tames unruly, curly brows, gives the illusion of increased fullness, and creates mind-blowingly fluffy results for up to 3 months!

brows must be kept free of water for the first 24 hours. After that, the hairs will soften and be super sleek and perfectly groomed.

while we will always tweeze a few stray hairs and trim anything needed, a full wax and shaping is optional and can be added on. add a brow tint for deeper dimension and a more dense, finished brow.


man brow

men need brow love too! we'll clean them up with a wax, trim & tweeze, keeping them manly without looking suspiciously over-arched. no brow makeup here. option to add brow tinting, an inner nose and/or outer ear wax during this session.



brow tint

take your brows to the next level with our safe, semi-permanent vegetable-based tints. we'll mix up a custom color to create a super-natural enhancement that gives the illusion of increased density and dimension.

dying our brow hairs gives the appearance of fuller, shapelier brows + an easy "stencil" to follow when filling your brows in at home! results vary, typically lasting 2-6 weeks.

$20 as an add on | $30 a la carte

browzilian blowout

get the most out of your brow flip by coming in for our signature maintenance appointment!

in this upgraded brow magic treatment, we’ll
1. clean up overgrown hairs (wax, trim, tweeze)
2. tint to enhance your shape (optional)
3. perform two deep conditioning masks to rehydrate follicles and create the ultimate soft, fluffy brow look!

we highly recommend this session 4-6 weeks after every brow flip. this will keep hairs healthy long-term and extend the life of your flip (so you’ll be able to go 8-12 weeks between flips!)


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