lash liner tattoo

eyeliner tattoo enhancement     $725
give your eyes a POP! this tattoo applies pigment
WITHIN the lash line where eyelashes grow
(not on the waterline or eyelid) to give the appearance
of darker, fuller lashes. this treatment includes
a touchup 6 weeks later. results typically last 1-3
years so we recommend coming back whenever
the color needs a little boost. 

tiny tats     $100+
experience the softest, fine line tattooing
now available at your favorite self-care studio.
if you've ever wanted to get a small tattoo,
but felt intimidated by a traditional tattoo shop,
MELT is your dream destination. choose from a
selection of images hand crafted by our
Tattoo Babes to elevate your aesthetic in
the most elegant & simple way.

custom design size, placement & pricing will
be determined between you & your artist at
the time of your appointment.
we adhere to an 18 & over policy.

hair density enhancement     $1,200+
(aka scalp micropigmentation)

this transformative procedure is the
process of having small sections of your
scalp tattooed with teeny, tiny dots. by doing so,
hair loss and thinning can become camouflaged
resulting in the appearance of thicker
hair with no invasive surgery.

please carefully review all of our pre and post care info before booking your service. be sure to revisit instructions to prep for your treatment and as always, give us a call to chat if you have any questions. 

am I a candidate for cosmetic tattooing?

lip blush pre care
lip blush post care

lash liner pre care
lash liner post care

pre care or service questions? give us a call at 480-819-8535