great skin is always in

great skin is always in

the MELT AWAY facial

the perfect place to begin your skin care journey with us! this delicious treatment is fully customized for your genetic skin type & current visible condition. we'll chat about your goals then create an individualized service plan + home care ritual to achieve them.

you'll truly MELT away during this 60 min session that includes our deep pore double cleanse, dewy dermaplane + enzyme exfoliation, face, hand + arm massage, whole-food mask, steamy towels, aromatherapy, eye + lip care, & our very own nourishing finishing products.



the NuFace sculpt

the ultimate lift, tone and firm. this delicious series of hand movements and special tools act as an alternative to botox and filler for every face. we'll define the jawline and cheekbones, knead out any facial tension, decrease puffiness and inflammation, and plump up your youthful tissue.

this 60 minute session includes a deep oil cleanse, aromatherapy, a fruit enzyme exfoliation, mild extractions, a dreamy facial workout, crystal Gua Sha massage, facial cupping, NuFace tightening, a firming mask, steamy towels, and nourishing finishing products.



the seasonal SOULstice

welcome to the third year of this beautiful, seasonal offering. this facial was built on the foundation of love, gratitude, surrender, and ritual. our skin wizard, meredith, curates a completely new experience every quarter and creates a place for you to truly allow your body + mind to rest and receive.

your 75 min session opens by pulling an affirmation card to set a personal intention. you’ll quickly drift into bliss mode as we begin our unique double-cleanse with lifting facial massage. we’ll remove dead, dull skin cells and revitalize your complexion with our dewy dermaplane and exfoliating botanical enzymes.

a juicy mask will be deeply integrated into the skin followed by a second hydrating, anti-aging mask + invigorating ice globes for increased penetration. you’ll have the option to add a tension-melting scalp massage + reparative hair mask that can be left on to marinate when you leave.

our ritual ends with our very own MELT skin care finishing products and an anointing oil to bring you back into your body and send you off into the world with your soul’s cup overflowing.



dewy dermaplane

our core skin care service is a must-have for all faces! what makes our 30 min dewy dermaplane so different is that we use a skin-nourishing oil during the exfoliation, as opposed to harsh degreasers that dehydrate your cells & throw off the delicate balance for days.

this "oil-planing" removes unwanted peach fuzz, allows for better product penetration, increases cell-turnover, & provides a smooth canvas for makeup all while infusing essential nutrients into the tissue. this treatment will completely resurface your face, revealing your most radiant skin and we recommend coming in every 4 weeks for continuous benefits!



+ cell rejuvenating fruit enzymes

super boost your dermaplane with one of our extras:

enzymes are like little pac-men; they eat up any extra dead, crusty skin cells and reveal juicy, radiant skin underneath! it's a super gentle exfoliation that will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant!

you'll be with us for 45 min


+ lightening lactic peel

super boost your dermaplane with one of our extras:

amazing for all skin types, dry skin, sensitive skin, and sun-damaged babes. this formulation of lactic acid + 2 gentle skin lighteners is brightening and hydrating; it works to safely and effectively lift dark spots, even out complexion, and reveal smooth, radiant skin! we call it a "red carpet peel" because you'll instantly look refreshed and glowy, like you could walk out onto the red carpet with no downtime, and skin peeling is extremely rare.

you'll be with us for 45 min.


+ glowing glycolic peel

super boost your dermaplane with one of our extras:

amazing for all skin types and especially babes with breakouts. we call it a "red carpet peel" because you'll instantly look super radiant and glowy, like you could walk out onto the red carpet with no downtime, and skin peeling is very rare. add this to exfoliate dull, crusty skin cells, to target and treat active acne, and to reap the ongoing anti-aging benefits!

you'll be with us for 45 min.

+ hydration boosting hydrojelly mask

like a little gravity blanket for your face! these award-winning jelly masks are such a fun, delicious way to super-boost our skin, target specific conditions, and gift ourselves a moment to simply slow down and melt away.

after dermaplaning, we’ll mix up the perfect mask for your skin, paint the gooey jelly all over face with option to cover lips and eyes, and allow the weight of it to work its calming wonders. once firmed up, we peel it off and you’ll be plumped up, dewy and reborn!

you'll be with us for 45 min.


+ tension melting face massage

take an extra melty moment for yourself as we drift into delicious bliss, knead out any facial tension, reduce puffiness, stimulate tissue, and increase healthy blood circulation post-dermaplane. (+10 mins)


+ acne zapping high frequency

high frequency is a life-changing treatment for active acne, blemishes and breakouts and we love adding it immediately after dermaplaning while the skin is most fresh for max benefit. HF oxygenates the surface of the skin, kills p. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation, aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels, and minimizes redness and inflamemation in the skin. It also aids in shrinking pores, reducing signs of aging and stopping persistent acne in its tracks.

you'll be with us for 45 min.

mini sculpt

this delicious series of hand movements and firm pressure act as an alternative to botox and filler by defining the jawline and cheekbones while kneading out facial tension brought on by stress and anxiety. Gua Sha and facial cupping increase circulation, boost collagen, and help eliminate toxins.

please note this 30 min express skin service is performed in our open treatment area. if you'd love the full she-bang in a private zen facial room, check out the 60 min NuFace sculpt option above.



pca chemical peel

we've partnered with PCA SKIN to provide their industry-leading professional grade chemical peels that safely & effectively target various conditions including hyper-pigmentation and discoloration, acne and acne marks, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles, and all signs of aging.

our licensed and PCA certified aestheticians will asses your skin type, condition and goals to select the best peel solution at the time of service and customize the treatment to deliver your dream results. we even offer NO PEEL peel solutions for stunning results without any downtime!

our treatment includes a full post-procedure kit of skin care products that we highly recommend using for 3-5 days after treatment.

we offer these peels on the face, neck, chest and hands as well as an advanced treatment booster that can be added to any area. this PCA professional grade retinoid cream increases exfoliation, restores healthy keratin-producing cells, repairs barrier function, reduces redness and soothes the skin immediately after the peel.


$225 face | $175 neck + chest add on


microneedling is a superstar at getting our bodies to produce new, youthful collagen and elastin proteins. this treatment dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, breaks up scar tissue (especially from prior acne), radically minimizes appearance of scars or stretch marks, and resurfaces the entire texture of the face.

we use a medical grade pen and apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area so clients are safe and comfortable throughout the entire session with essentially no downtime. it's typical to be red and slightly swollen, like a sunburn, for 1-3 days after treatment and we'll give you some gentle post care to guide you.

we offer microneedling to the face, neck and chest. optional add ons include dermaplaning the face prior to numbing and a healing hyaluronic acid hydrojelly mask after needling to any treatment area.

our hyaluronic acid + aloe intensive healing jelly mask is amazing immediately after needling to instantly reduce inflammation, boost cell hydration and speed up the skin recovery process. you'll be less red, less dry, and have less downtime by adding this onto each treatment area.

$295 first area | $225 add on areas

Save on every area and all add ons with our 3 Series Package. Checkout booking menu for full pricing.


microneedling post care

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