MELT away facial    $95
This signature treatment is fully customized
for your genetic skin type & current condition.
We’ll chat about your goals, educate you on
an individualized treatment plan, & recommend
products for your ideal home care routine.
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dewy dermaplane facial    $135
What makes our Dewy Dermaplane different is
that we use an extravagant oil to nourish the surface &
create slide during the exfoliation, as opposed to
alcohol or other harsh degreasers that dehydrate
your cells & can throw off the delicate balance for days.
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dewy dermaplane     $75
our most popular skin ritual removes the top layer of
dead, crusty skin cells + unwanted peach fuzz
which allows for better product penetration,
increased cell-turnover, & a smooth canvas for makeup.
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shave and sizzle facial     $175
Our Dynamic Duo - a Dewy Dermaplane Facial + a light
“flash” peel for a whole lotta NICE with a dash of SPICE!
There’s no downtime from this 75 min service so you’ll
definitely experience an instant glow! Depending on your
skin type & current condition, we’ll choose between
our Glycolic Acid Peel or Salicylic Acid Peel Solution.
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shave and sizzle    $105
dewy derma + a light peel for a whole lotta NICE
with a dash of SPICE! There’s no downtime from this
express style service but you’ll definitely
experience an instant glow!
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pca chemical peel      $225
professional chemical peels that safely & effectively
target various conditions ranging from hyper-pigmentation
and acne, to sensitivity and wrinkles.
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dermaplane + microneedling + HA mask     $395
The ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment with little to no
downtime. We dermaplane the top layer of dead skin,
the preform our signature microneedling treatment. We finish
you off with our hyaluronic acid + aloe intensive healing
mask to reduce redness and boost hydration.
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microneedling + HA mask    $300
Microneedling is also referred to as collagen
induction therapy, which is a fancy way of saying it
boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen. The procedure
creates controlled wounding by using tiny needles
(0.5-2.5 mm long) to create minuscule punctures.
The body reacts to these like it would to any other
wound: by laying down new collagen and elastin
in an attempt to heal the affected area.
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microneedling + HA mask series of 3    $825
3 treatments, sold as a set, for dramatic improvements
in skin! We recommend spacing each session 4-6 weeks
apart as each Microneedling treatment continues to
improve your skin for up to 90 days.
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LED light therapy     $30
The wavelengths in LED lights penetrate the skin
at different depths to trigger biological processes
that help the skin rejuvenate and heal.
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optional consultation     $35
Get to know our skin wizards & take your first
step towards achieving the skin of your dreams!
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