In 2014, we set out to elevate & revolutionize the aesthetics industry...all from a kitchen countertop in a Scottsdale, Arizona apartment. ​

Even then, we knew we had to create a place designed to foster greatness. A​ place where incredibly talented and innovative women feel empowered to put their best work on the faces of others. It’s not just our mission, it’s our obsession ​to uncover a woman’s natural essence, enable her to fall in love with her true self fully, and empower her to live her most beautiful life! 

Our goal isn't to cover up or create something you're not. Instead, we enrich the gorgeous goddess that you already are, encourage you to embrace that you're perfectly imperfect, and celebrate the act of self care.

You're worth it. 



the mother of the ship 

Melissa Pruett, the brow magician, skin-care geek, and lover of all things personal discovery, is the founder of MELT by Melissa - a self care studio.
With locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, her team of Babes are best known for radiating the good vibes while serving up the best brows, lashes, skin care, sugaring, spray tanning, & microblading in town. 
From building a business from the ground up and growing a team to creating clean beauty products and an aesthetics training + coaching academy, the vision remains the same: to elevate women everywhere in an authentic and tangible way.
Things you may not know about the mother of our ship: her one genie wish - to travel to space, she's a retired, licensed sky diver and has jumped out of a plane over 100 times. Her passion for deep, soulful work is the main current that runs through her. Her must have, can't live without product, (and hopefully yours too)  - the one and only melt brow gel.





studio leader AKA the beekeeper  

Upon her professional cycling retirement in 2016, Frances attended Penrose Academy and graduated in 2017 with her Esthetician License. Being a part of MELT has shown her the greatest gift: there is no balance. A woman can be all parts badass, tough, beautiful, and expressive down to the last detail. Working at MELT has taught her one of her most important mantras: “You can have both.” She is forever grateful to be able to help lead an awe-inspiring team and be of service to incredible clients that continue to prove this every single day.
Along with her license, she is a certified Borboleta Lash Artist. As a lash and brow artist, she is able to creatively express herself on a daily basis. When outside the studio, you can find her reading in a hammock among the pines in Flagstaff, spending hours on a meal for her friends after a long mountain  bike ride, or touching oil to canvas at the Phoenix Art Center.





operations leader AKA the systems conductor 

Josh Fritchey's extensive experience in leadership and customer service management have allowed him to put together an impressive tool belt of skills to support the Melt Empire.

He is very quick to build relationships and connections with his teammates and clients.

His relational skills are unmatched. Josh is outgoing and is the life of the party; everybody's friend. It has been said that the GEICO Camel is Josh's spirit animal because of these incredible qualities.

He loves the outdoors and enjoys travelling, camping, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. His favorite days are sunny and his favorite nights are full of karaoke.