The Truth About Skin Care Oils 🧠: 3 Common Myths Debunked by Melissa!

The Truth About Skin Care Oils 🧠: 3 Common Myths Debunked by Melissa!

The skin care world can be overwhelming with all the widespread myths and every product junkie out there claiming to be a skin expert. Don’t worry, as licensed skin professionals, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions so you can confidently reap the benefits of adding amazing skin oils into your ritual.

Myth 1: Oily Skin Types Don't Need a Face Oil

TRUTH: Using the right face oils can actually balance your skin’s natural oil so it’s not over-producing sebum and looking super shiny throughout the day. Face friendly oils are packed with nutrients that keep your skin healthy and moisturized without making it greasy. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

Myth 2: Oils Clog Pores and Cause Breakouts

TRUTH: We get it. The fear of painful, pesky breakouts is real, especially if you’re already struggling to keep blemishes at bay. But not all oils are created equal and it’s important to know that some oils can be one of the BEST treatments for acne-prone babes.

Emu Oil and Lavender Oil are Both:

  • Non-comedogenic: will not clog pores
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces redness and swelling of pimples
  • Anti-bacterial: kills acne-causing bacteria, preventing new breakouts
  • Ultra healing: repairs and regenerates skin, promoting faster healing and reduced scarring
  • Sebum balancing: controls production and prevents pores from getting clogged with excess oil

Myth 3: If I Use an Oil, I Don't Need A Moisturizer

TRUTH: Oils and moisturizers are not the same. Instead, they work best together to keep skin hydrated, nourished, and protected on every level.

Oils offer a big dose of lipids for nourishment, deep moisture, and barrier repair, but they don’t provide adequate hydration standalone.

Moisturizers can be jam packed with skin healthy ingredients but two of the most important jobs they’re designed to do are add water to the skin (hydration) and retain that moisture in the cells (barrier protection.)

Mu Juice and Moysture are a dynamic duo -- they're luxurious and lightweight, ensuring your skin gets ALL the essential nourishment and hydration it needs daily. Layer them on or mix them in palm, applying every morning and night.

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