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the magical unicorn sauce.

ritual roadmap: STEP THREE - OIL

just like our insides need healthy fats, our precious outside tissues do too!
mu juice is a big, delicious dose of healing, conditioning omegas and a non-clogging skin oil that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-aging, and anti-acne.

we don’t call it ‘magical unicorn sauce’ for nothin. 
pure, refined organic emu oil + lavender essential oil. 

say it with us: “penetration!”
amongst alllll the benefits of standalone emu oil, quite possibly the coolest is that it pulls all other ingredients into your tissue and drops them off by molecular size. translation: adding mu juice to any serum or cream makes it exponentially more effective (while using less) since so many products barely make it past the surface. 

anoint yourself by warming 1 pump in palms, inhaling lavender, and tenderly stimulating tissue on face, neck and chest. follow up with moysture.

- organic emu oil
- organic lavender essential oil