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ritual roadmap: STEP TWO - MIST
don’t miss the mist, my friends. just like our bodies need proper micronutrient levels (vitamins and minerals), our body’s largest organ does too! 

this mineralizing, protein-rich potion is packed full of pH balancing, protecting, and super-thirst-quenching ingredients. plus, spritzing our skin first opens the door to invite all of our fancy serums and creams in; holla for better absorption while actually using less. 

after cleansing and drying face, spritz 4-6 times and immediately layer on our mu juice + moysture. in the daytime, top off with an spf. 

reset and refresh anytime, anywhere when skin is thirsty -- after peels, plane rides, or the spicy summer solstice.

- aloe vera
- green tea
- seaweed and sea lettuce extracts
- niacinamide
- lemongrass oil
- vitamin b5
- amino acids